Posted in Freedom Poem, National Poetry Day 2017

Freedom Poem for National Poetry Day by Angela Topping

Kids’ Stuff


Hanging round parks for a go on the swings

your palms smelling of metal off the roundabout

The iron grip of the slide as you launch yourself

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it.


Dipping your fingers in sherbet and licking

Sticking your tongue into your ice cream

Strengthening your suck on a chocolate milk shake

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it


Playing follow-my-leader when no one can see

Tidying your dollshouse and making them speak

Cuddling your teddy when you can’t get to sleep

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it


Reading Narnia books and travelling with Hobbits

Watching E. Nesbit’s books on the box

Curling up in a chair with a book and some chocolate

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it


Making shapes with your bread dough and watching it rise

Making gingerbread men with currants for eyes

Putting smarties on top of little iced cakes

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it


Going to the pictures to watch Walt Disney

Getting sticky fingers from eating popcorn

Sucking an ice-lolly through the second half

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it


People try and tell you ought to grow up

My kids don’t mind having a daft mum

I don’t see why I should stop having fun

It’s kids’ stuff but I still like it.


© Angela Topping


Award-Wining Children's Poet, Author, Wildlife and Climate enthusiast, NPD Ambassador, blogger and owner of Lola the retired alert dog and Paddy the alert dog in training. Books include CLiPPA shortlisted Being Me, Poems about Thoughts, Worries and Feelings, Editor of Shaping the World, Author of Be the Change, Apes to Zebras, The Same Inside, Reaching the Stars and Animal Magic. I visit schools, libraries, literary festivals via Zoom and give lessons on writing poetry for children. @Lizpoet

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