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#AtoZChallenge; M is for Michaela Morgan

And who else could it be, with such a perfect name other than award-winning poet Michaela Morgan? Michaela has had over 140 titles published including poetry, picture books, junior novels and non-fiction. She is a regular visitor to schools. Her 2016 poetry book Wonderland: Alice in Poetry, illustrations by Tenniel, was shortlisted for the prestigious CLiPPA Award for poetry and her 2017 collection Reaching the Stars: Poems About Extraordinary Women and Girls co-authored with Jan Dean and Liz Brownlee won the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award 2017.  Her book How To Teach Poetry: Writing Workshops, stresses the importance of poetry across the curriculum.

Here is the poem Michaela has chosen, from Reaching the Stars.


Tinker… Tailor


I could be a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a vet.

I could be a mother, an artist, or the pilot of a jet.

I could be the one who speaks up for a revolution

Or a steady force for status, calm, order, institution.

I could be a strutting model or a structural engineer

Or I could march in uniform to fight foe, or fire, or fear.

I could be a juggler… a jeweller…

What could be my scene?

Whatever it is, I choose to be

A fully fledged human being.


© Michaela Morgan


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Poet, blogger and owner of Lola the alert dog. Be the Change, Apes to Zebras, The Same Inside, Reaching the Stars, Animal Magic. I visit schools, libraries, literary festivals, and organise poetry events. I give Zoom lessons on writing poetry for children. @Lizpoet

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge; M is for Michaela Morgan

  1. Wonderful Liz ! I visited your sight and read the Hippobottamus and Elephant, two of my favourite animals. Énorme, as the French would say, meaning ‘awesome’ an adjective, which I loathe the use of nowadays in English.
    At the Poetry School, I had a tutor who taught at Bath, Carrie Etter, do you know of her ?
    Have a good AtoZ week.


  2. Hi Liz, I really liked this poem. I could relate to the poet and her persistent thinking. It can be difficult to turn those thoughts off, but usually, I don’t mind. I’m never bored. There are some times, though, when I would like to just shut my brain down for the night. I’m sure that some people suspect I did that long ago and forgot to turn it back on. Mindfulness to Avoid Burnout


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