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#AtoZ Challenge; O is for Eric Ode

Eric Ode (pronounced Oh-dee) is a national award-winning children’s singer/songwriter, an author and widely published poet, and a thoroughly engaging entertainer. His performances include interactive music, stories, skits, poetry, props and puppets.  One of his latest books is Sea Star Wishes, Poems from the Coast, illustrated by Erik Brooks, available here in the UK and here in the US. Eric’s website is here.

This is the wonderful poem he has sent for the Poetry Feast, from Otters, Snails and Tadpole Tails!


The river otter
twists and tosses,
loops and spins,
out and in.
He turns and totters,
twirls until
we can not tell
where one end ends
and one begins.
We wonder as
we watch him roll
and jumble-tumble
over, under,
through the water—
How does he keep
from tying into
one big otter knot
while behaving
quite exactly
as a river otter
© Eric Ode
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Poet and owner of Lola the alert dog. Be the Change, Apes to Zebras, The Same Inside, Reaching the Stars, Animal Magic. I visit schools, libraries, literary festivals, and organise poetry events.

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