Author Readings for YOUR Class!

Are you looking for a author to read to your class each week, or each day, or once in a while?

If you’d like a personalised reading, around any of the subjects represented in my books, or with regard to your syllabus, or on a particular subject, please get in touch. Readings to inspire, inform, enthuse. Contact lizpoet @

Readings celebrating the extraordinary women and girls who have helped change the world – from Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls, Macmillan, or readings from Shaping the World, 40 historical Heroes in Verse, Macmillan (20 women and 20 men).

Readings about sustainability from Be the Change, Poems to Help You Save the World, Macmillan – uplifting, informational and fun, poems offering springboards for discussing difficult topics around climate change. Hints and tips for small steps young people can achieve themselves in many areas.

Readings about animals – rainforest animals, or animals from anywhere, including any information you would like included such as geography, habitat, diet, classification, endangerment, etc. from Animal Magic, Poems From a Disappearing World, IRON Press, or Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Animal Shape Poems, Bloomsbury.

Readings about empathy and friendship, uplifting poems discussing subjects such as disability, bullying, difference, tolerance, etc. from The Same Inside, Poems About Empathy and Friendship, Macmillan.

Coming Soon! Ask me if this is available: Readings from Being Me, Poems About Feelings, Thoughts and Worries, Otter-Barry Books, about mental health, resilience, kindness, loneliness, fears, worries, etc. and how, where and when to ask for help, support notes in the back.

All subjects can include writing writing hints and tips.

One off readings £20 for circa quarter of an hour. Regular readings negotiable. Longer readings/workshops, apply for prices.