This is wonderful! Have a watch and write a poem you can illustrate with Lego. Or, build something in Lego and write a poem about it. It can be about things and feeling since lockdown, or it can be something you enjoy doing since lockdown.


Matt Goodfellow and his readings of two poems – one for slightly younger children, from Poems Out Loud!, and one for 8-12s, from my first book, Animal Magic.

Animal Magic is a book of poems about endangered animals. This poem is about a snow petrel that lives in the the Antarctic, an ecosystem endangered by global climate change. 62% and climbing of all species of petrel and albatross are classified by the IUCN Red List as vulnerable, or endangered.

Here is the poem written down:

Of 13 species of whale, 9 are endangered. Write a poem about a blue whale. Research them – see what they eat, where they swim, how they communicate. This National Geographic page has information for young people on blue whales.

Think about how swimming in the wild, wide ocean feels to the whale. What can it see? What can it smell? When it uses its voice to call to other whales far away, what is it saying? Why does its voice sound so sad? What are its colours?

Your poem does not need to rhyme – think about the words you are using. Don’t use the first descriptions that come to mind. Think of other words to describe the colour blue for instance. Is it a bright blue? What does the blue colour of the blue whale remind you of? Compare the sound of its cries to another animal or to a feeling.

Send in your poems to lizpoet  @  gmail  .com and I may put them up! Label your email Blue Whale Poem.