Zoom Visits

45 minute class readings and workshops with poetry ideas to work on afterwards available on Zoom!

Mental Health Workshops – readings from Being Me, Poems about Thoughts, Worries and Feelings. This is the first poetry book to directly address children’s mental health and well-being and was written with advice from a leading developmental psychologist. The poems provide spring points for tricky classroom discussions about sadness, relationships, bullying, and loss, etc., but also contain humour which lightens the collection. The workshop lets them know that they can write about their own lives, thoughts, feelings, worries, sadness, happiness etc.

Animal Workshops (British, rainforest, specific areas covered if needed), readings from Animal Magic, and Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Shape Poems, and other poems as needed. Information about the animals and poetry ideas.

Climate Change and Sustainability Workshops – readings from Be the Change and animal poems as pertinent. Ideas for poetry writing and simple changes to help the environment.

Shape Poems Workshop– readings from Animal Magic, and Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Shape Poems,  and my new British animals collection. Information about the animals included and ideas for simple shape poems.

I also give lessons on how to write, or how to improve your own children’s poetry.

Contact: poetliz @ mac  .com