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You Can Now Buy Signed Books From Me!

I now have a safe PayPal facility installed which means you can buy books straight from me, signed with a personal dedication – the perfect Christmas present!

Available are:

A few copies of first print run Animal Magic Poems on a Disappearing World, illustrated by Rose Sanderson, and published by IRON Press.


Animal Magic, Poems on a Disappearing World

Review: It’s not every book of poems that crosses over the grown-up/child divide – but this is one that does so beautifully. Elegant poetry sits alongside interesting facts, enhanced by charming illustrations. Price includes P&P. Email dedication wanted from contact page, with your name and address, and book’s name.



Being Me, Poems about Thoughts, Worries and Feelings

Written with Laura Mucha and Matt Goodfellow, a ground-breaking collection offering understanding, support and encouragement, and advice from a leading developmental psychologist. Price includes P&P. Email dedication wanted from contact page, with your name and address, and book’s name.



Shaping the World, 40 Historical Heroes in Verse

20 amazing women and 20 amazing men who helped shape the world – in shape poems, all with biographical notes! Find out about Florence Nightingale’s pet owl, Benjamin Franklin’s windsurfing, and the youngest Nobel Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai. Price includes P&P. Email dedication wanted from contact page, with your name and address, and book’s name.


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Amazing Animal Shape Poems Book!

Are you wondering about Christmas presents?

Do you buy books from Amazon? Something wonderful has happened for authors during lockdown. Well, it’s not all good. Children’s authors can no longer visit schools, and a large part, the major part of their small-anyway-income is gone. The other part is books sales – but you may be surprised to learn that authors earn very little from their books’ sales. Pennies. And sometimes book sales earn them nothing, because they were given a (very) modest advance and the books do not make as much as the advance and so the author never receives Royalties.

But now a new online bookshop has opened – one that not only gives a portion of the cover price to independent bookshops, but if an author signs up, a proportion of the sale to the author. This could be life-changing in that we might get to eat this Christmas. AND the books are discounted!

What could be better? Buying a brilliant book for a loved one, safe in the knowledge none of the money went to Amazon, and some of the money went to the person who spent 6 months night and day making shapes from poems for it…

If you buy it through this link, that is! Buy Apes to Zebras here!

Here are samples from the book:

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Penguin Day!

Well, it has recently been penguin day so celebrate the occasion here is my shape poem of a penguin. It’s in Apes to Zebras, an A-Z of Shape Poems, by me, Sue Hardy-Dawson and Roger Stevens. And yes, we did do the shapes ourselves. It’s the first thing I have looked at under lockdown that has gone down in price – a hardback bargain!

Lola wishes you all a lovely day. When she went to zoo, she showed no interest at all in penguins. She was however fascinated by the orangutans at Monkey World. And the baby orangutans were fascinated by her!