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W is for Chris White, Poet and Illustrator, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA

Chris White
Chris White is a writer, illustrator and performance poet. Those are his illustrations at the top! He has had many poetry and story books published since his first; Bitey the Veggie Vampire in 2000. As well as scribbling pictures to accompany his own work, Chris illustrates for other authors too. He has appeared at many festivals (I saw him at Edinburgh!), toured the world with his performances and workshops, and had his poems and pictures broadcast on BBC TV and radio. (And he has kindly drawn a cartoon of me, with Lola, that sometimes appears around the blog!). Chris’ website is here, for booking details.
 Here is one of his fun poems:
Let me introduce you to
The creature called a Kangamoo
Her fur is coloured black and white
She’s crazy and cute and friendly alright!
Where does she live? Don’t worry, I know
She lives in a field or grassy meadow
Eating the grass that she pulls from the ground
And jumping and leaping and bounding around
Can you see her tummy? (Please try not to stare)
A small furry pouch is hanging right there
And inside this pouch, she keeps all her shopping
So she doesn’t drop it whilst she’s jumping and hopping
What does she buy? To which shops does she go?
Well, peek in her pouch and then you will know
There’s strawberries, bananas, blueberries too
With all that fresh fruit, what things does she do?
Well, under her pouch, you’ve noticed, I’m sure
She has a pink udder from which milk will pour
Into her pouch with a squirt and a squoot
She’ll mix all that milk with the fabulous fruit
And what has she done? What did she make?
Her very own delicious Kangamilkshake!
So, when she is hot from bouncing about
She’ll get a couple of bendy straws out
Stick them in her pouch and without having to think
She’ll slurp down her own refreshing milk drink!
And it is so tasty, it restores her powers
So now she’ll go jumping for hours and hours
So, if you’re ever close to a Kangamoo’s tummy
Go on, have a taste, I hear that it’s scrummy!
But good luck if you try to quench your thirst
You got to actually catch her first…
© Chris White
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Here Come the Superheroes, by Neal Zetter, illustrated by Chris White

Neal Zetter is a London-based comedy performance poet, author and entertainer who uses poetry writing and performance to develop literacy, confidence, self-expression, creativity and presentation skills in 3 to 103 year olds.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’m certain any young person will as well. The illustrations by Chris White, writer, illustrator and performer, match the fun and energetic raps and rhymes perfectly.

Each poem comes with additional secret data about each Superhero character.

In fact I was moved to write my review as a poem straight after reading it, which must also be a sign that it will inspire youngsters to try a superhero poem of their own. Here is my pale imitation of a superhero poem…

Here Come the Superheroes

the name is very apt,

superhero girls and boys

read and you’ll be rapt

I tried to tear my eyes away

but I was truly trapped

read all through the book and then

rapped till my eyeballs snapped


Yes, well, I am not a rapper. But Neal is… here’s an example snippet from the first verse of Here Comes Sister Speed:


Here Comes Sister Speed


Faster than a flash

She’s a raging rocket

She’s a white-hot wire

An electric socket

She’s a lightning bolt

She’s a rampant cheetah

plot and plan a crime

and she will defeat you


Whizzing to the rescue

in your hour of need

Here comes sister Speed!


© Neal Zetter


I read all the poems out loud and they are real performance poems – I suspect they make a wonderful set in schools.  The whole book is beautifully produced with lovely quality paper and printing. Recommended for Superhero fans everywhere.


Published by Troika Books, available here.