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B is for Children’s Poet Clare Bevan, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA


Clare Bevan

Clare fell in love with poetry when she was very young. She started writing poetry of her own and one poem about the horrors of hockey was printed in the school magazine. After that, she wrote song lyrics for a local performance; wrote plays in verse for children; poems about the children she taught; and eventually her poems began to appear in proper anthologies! Now her work is in over a hundred poetry books – and in fiction and poetry books of her own such as Ballerina, Fairy, Mermaid and Princess Poems for Macmillan Children’s Books. Clare loves visiting schools to pass on the joy of reading and writing poetry. Read more about Clare here.


Here is one of Clare’s gorgeous poems:


The Treasures


Who will bring me the hush of a feather ?

“I,” screeched the Barn Owl. “Whatever the weather.


Who will bring me the shadows that flow ?

“I,” snarled the Tiger. “Wherever I go.”


Who will bring me the colours that shine ?

“I,” shrieked the Peacock. “Because they are mine.”


Who will bring me the crash of the wave ?

“I,” sang the Dolphin. “Because I am brave.”


Who will bring me the secrets of night ?

“I,” called the Bat. “By the moon’s silver light.”


Who will bring me the scent of the flower ?

“I,” hummed the Bee. “By the sun’s golden power.”


Who will bring me the waterfall’s gleam ?

“I,” sighed the Minnow. “By river and stream.”


Who will bring me the strength of the small ?

“I,” cried the Spider. “When webs line your wall.”


Who will bring me the shiver of snow ?

“I,” howled the Wolf Cub. “When icicles grow.”


And who will bring me a nest, furry warm ?

“I,” squeaked the Rat. “When we hide from the storm…

But who will care for the Treasures we give ?”


“I,” said the Child.

“For as long as I live.”


© Clare Bevan

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A Pot of Poets?

A group of children’s poets met at Trafalgar Square Waterstones on Wednesday, to go on a poetry picnic… sadly, it was raining, so the event was taken to Festival Hall, and a fun time was had by all. There was chocolate. There was poetry writing. There was poetry chat! Thanks to Brian Moses for organising it, and for the photo! It’s hoped to make it a yearly event.

L-R: Laura Mucha, Liz Brownlee, Coral Rumble, Jan Dean, Jane Clarke, Roger Stevens, Phil Waddell, Brian Moses, and in front, Andrea Shavick and Clare Bevan. Oh! And Lola.