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Funny Poem a Day: Goodbye Cruel World, by Trevor Parsons

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to lose a small dog in the long grass when out on a walk. Lola is always losing herself, but luckily she has perfected the technique of dancing on her hind legs to make herself taller so she can see me over the tops of the grasses. Here she is demonstrating!

Today’s funny poem by Trevor Parsons is about disappearing piece by piece…thank you, Trevor!


Goodbye, Cruel World


I’ve lost my nerve, I’m losing my voice,

my heart has been stolen by Jane,

I’ve given a hand to a stranger

and my face has just fallen again.


My legs have shot out from under me,

my arms have been grabbed from behind,

I’ve lent my ears to some Romans

and I’m rapidly losing my mind.


My bottom’s been pinched, and my teacher

has taken quite enough of my cheek –

if I carry on going at this rate

I’ll be gone by the end of the week.


© Trevor Parsons


Trevor doesn’t have any pets – but he has sent a joke:

Q: What do you rub on a sore pig?

A: Oinkment!


I have heard that young people are posting pictures of rainbows in their windows to express and spread love and happiness while everyone is at home. How wonderful. Here is Lola with a rainbow Gromit – and very happy she looks, too.