Freedom Poem – Riding a Lion by Coral Rumble



I dreamt of riding a lion, a fast one,

A fierce one, with a flash of wildness in his eyes.

I could feel his tented ribs with my clinging knees.


I dreamt he leapt and flew, huge wings spreading,

His deep growl rumbling like a well oiled engine.

My fingers curled into a tangle around his mane.


I dreamt he swooped a deep dive, a daring dive,

A dizzy dive, against the roaring wind,

And I didn’t even close my eyes in fear.


I dreamt he landed on an island, a golden one,

Where all the lions fly, and children ride

On their warm backs, clutching the edge of danger.


© Coral Rumble

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Set a Poem Free on Saturday 30th September!

Come to Jan Dean’s and my Giant Magnetic Poetry experience at Exeter Central Library!

We are both National Poetry Day Ambassadors, charged with making poetry as much fun as it is on National Poetry Day and in that week. You have been warned.

It’s impossible not to play with the magnets, and once playing with the magnets, magic happens, and it’s impossible not to write poem.

ANY age! ANY experience!

Poems written before…


Oh, yes – we’ll also have a GIANT double-sided wooden poem puzzle.

We’ll be making little poems books, and we’ll be expecting you…

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National Poetry Day Poem from John H Rice

In the run up to National Poetry Day I am featuring poems by children’s poets on this years NPD theme – Freedom!

This one is from John H Rice, a former primary school headteacher who writes educational materials for children – and poems!



Once, this was

All: a perfect cell

Of protection.

Now, hazed light

Calls through muted

Translucence and she

Twists upon herself

To escape her

Fragile confinement.

She strikes the shell





This birth

Is her own.


Breaks from shadows,

Light splinters…

And the world




© J H Rice