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W is for Philip Waddell, Children’s Poet #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA


Philip Waddell

Originally from Guyana, Philip Waddell has lived in England for most of his life, these days near the wonderful city of Oxford. He particularly enjoys writing humorous poems and likes directness, wordplay and poems with a twist. Since 1997 Philip’s poems have appeared in well over a hundred anthologies, many published by Macmillan and Bloomsbury, and with his good friend Ian Bland, performance poet, he has co-written and illustrated two collections of poems, A Bug in My Hair! and Go to the Head! .

Philip is a good friend and if you have spent any time at all in his company you will know that he is VERY punny! He can’t resist them.

Here is one of his Christmas poems:


The Visitors


‘You must both be very proud,’

said the first with a smile

weighing up the situation exactly.


‘A bit dribbly, isn’t he?’

observed the second accurately

but with a foolish grin.


‘Coochie, coochie,’ cooed the third playfully,

completely forgetting, as he gazed at the child,

to say anything wise.


© Philip Waddell

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