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Review: Polka Dot Poems by Zaro Weil

Polka Dot Poems, Zaro Weil, Illustrator Lucy Wynne, ZaZa Kids Books and Troika

Polka Dot Poems, 100 Weird and Wonderful Nature Haiku, Zaro Weil, Illustrated by Lucy Wynne, ZaZa Kids Books and Troika.

Polka Dot Poems is a feast of witty, wise and wonderful pint-sized nature poems, beautifully illustrated in colour with many details and humour by Lucy Wynne.

Full of creatures you may not have heard of, alongside poems on subjects such as flowers and mountains, tides and the moon, described in a few words to tantalise you into investigating further. A great book to share with children interested in nature. There are plenty of facts to think about and questions to ask.


tiny grain between toes

teeny bit of rock

from long before

I was born

Zaro Weil

Highly recommended for nature lovers!