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Teachers, Parents, Education Poetry on Kindle!

Here are three of my books available to help with education at home. All three are available on Kindle for £2:99. Funny poem for today below this!)

Be the Change, Poems to Help you Save the World, (written with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens) is about every aspect of sustainability. Sustainability and climate are a staple part of the science curriculum across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. It provides teachers and parents with an excellent starting point for discussion, debate and written response for all the areas covered – including health and wellbeing, opportunity for all, fairness, climate change and peace,  etc. tying in with the 17 United Nations’ Development Goals. Most poems end with a small action, achievable by young people themselves, to empower them so they feel less helpless.  Here is a sample poem:


Greta Thunberg

Liz Brownlee


When the whole world is deaf

by greed and by choice,

how do you change things

with only your voice?


It’s hard to be noticed,

harder to be heard,

but she stood up and spoke,

could not be deterred.


What made them listen?

What cut through their lies?

Not the pollution

or the fast melting ice,


not the experts or science,

not hunger or flood,

not the extinctions,

our hands red with blood,


it was her steady gaze,

on our planet, alight,

her desperate calm,

her demand, make it right.


It’s what we’ll recall

of her fight for our youth,

her luminous words

her courage, her truth.

Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls (written with Jan Dean and Michaela Morgan) has won prizes, and poems from it have been performed on the stage of the National Theatre. The poems follow strong, capable and fine women from history right up until today, women who have been to space, invented things, done research appropriated by their male colleagues…  as food for thought, discussion, discovery and a springboard to further creativity.

The Same Inside, Poems about Empathy and Friendship (written with Matt Goodfellow and Roger Stevens) was shortlisted for the N. Somerset Teacher’s Book Awards (another of my books won that year!). The poems examine tolerance for differences, feelings, empathy, respect, courtesy, bullying, disability, responsibility etc., providing springboards designed to help teachers and parents talk about difficult subjects.

Hope they help!

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Poetry Book for #InternationalWomensDay!

This is the one I’d recommend (unsurprisingly!). It was written by me, Jan Dean, and Michaela Morgan to chime with the 100th anniversaries of the work by suffragists from every walk of life.

Here’s the review in Lovereading4kids:

New poems by three of our brightest and liveliest poets are gathered together in this anthology which celebrates women and girls, lots of them. The lives of the really famous – Malala, Frida Kahlo, Amy Johnson, Hillary Rodham Clinton – are discussed, the roles of women in fairy tales debated, and the achievements of women whose names we’ll never learn acknowledged too. The poem styles are as varied as the book’s subjects, and there are poems to make you laugh, to make you angry, to make you think. It’s a sparkling collection, inspiring and empowering. Buy copies for all the young people in your life. ~ Andrea Reece

Since then it has won the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards for Poetry.

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#Suffragette100 Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls

Poems from the collection by Michaela Morgan and Liz Brownlee.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of SOME women getting the right to vote in the UK. Although things are much improved, amazingly, the struggle for equality (notably, and recently in the press, wage equality) is still going on.

Written to mark the suffragette anniversaries in the past year and this, Reaching the Stars, Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls has proved extremely popular, particularly with teachers, in fact it recently won the N. Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards for poetry.

It celebrates the lives of women through history who have made a difference to humanity in a myriad of ways – not just those women we have all heard of (From Boudica, through Anne Bonny the pirate, to Frida Khalo, Marie Curie, and Helen Keller to Malala Yousafzai and Hilary Clinton) but those that are much less known, or overlooked, or written out of history, or who will never be known… such as the ‘Unknown Worriers’, who kept the home fires burning. It also includes poems about feminism, and some modern young women who have made a difference in their communities.

Of course, there are a poems about the suffragettes – but, perhaps not surprisingly, many of women in the book (whilst they weren’t and were fighting the system to become doctors, scientists, fashion-reformers) also supported women’s suffrage.

Each poem is proceeded by a short biography of the person in the poem.

It seems the right day for sharing part of Jan Dean’s poem, Suffragette.


Part of ‘Suffragette’


I want to make my own choice.

I need to use my own voice

I won’t be silent, won’t ignore important things –

the world has queens as well as kings.


And so I march, protest and claim my right

to take part in my country’s life.

I want what’s fair – to have my say

on who makes laws and who holds sway.


© Jan Dean