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C is for Children’s Author and Poet Jane Clarke, #AtoZChallenge #ZtoA


Jane Clarke

Jane Clarke is the author of many poems in anthologies of children’s poetry, and of over 80 books, some them rhyming. Jane’s been an archaeologist (in London) a history teacher (in Wales) and a library assistant (Antwerp International School, Belgium). It was there, at the age of 40, that she started to write for children. Jane loves animals of all shapes and sizes, country walks, and shell and fossil hunts (she has a big collection of fossil sharks teeth). She enjoys making visits to nursery schools and primary schools to share her love of poetry and stories, and lead creative writing workshops. Her latest rhyming book is I Saw Anaconda, illustrated by Emma Dodd. Jane’s website is here, and her FB page here.


Jane is brilliant, especially with primary audiences. Here is one of her poems:


Drop in the Ocean


Sploshing around

in life’s restless sea,

there’s a drop in the ocean,

and that drop is me.


Rocked by the waves,

or washed up on the shore,

I’m a minuscule drop,

among zillions more.


I’m a drop in the ocean

of life’s restless sea.

But there’d be no ocean

without drops like me.


© Jane Clarke

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