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Poetry Review: The Red Ear Blows Its Nose by Robert Schechter

The Red Ear Blows Its Nose by Robert Schechter, Illustrated by S. Federico, World Galaxy Press (AMP)

Well now – this is a FEAST of words at play, and it is SUCH fun. I haven’t read a book of poems like this for a long time – as a child this would have been one of my favourites, I know it would.

It’s like reading poems by a mixture of Ogden Nash (a big favourite in this house, a poet also from over the pond) and Ronnie Barker, an exercise and pleasure for your brain, tongue and funny bone.

This is inventive, original, and wonderfully executed. RECOMMENDED with a lot of stars.

However, having got you all extremely excited to buy it, it sadly does not come out until 7 April 2023 – BUT you can pre-order and I suggest you do. A love of words is BOUND to come out of reading this as a child.