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Christmas Present Poetry Review: Things That Should Be in a Poem, by Coral Rumble

Things That Should Be in a Poem, by Coral Rumble, Illustrated by Shih-Yu Lin, Troika Poetry

Coral is a master poet for children and it really shows in this splendid book for younger primary children.

Precise descriptions full of sound and texture and rhyme make each poem a delight – they twinkle on the page, and are delicious to read aloud.

From the day-to-day contents of every child’s life, though the surreal to the absurd, each poem is a morsel of loveliness and you could not possibly want better to enthuse children with language and creativity and depth of thought than this gorgeously illustrated (by Shih-Yu Lin) book.

I’m afraid I didn’t have a jpeg of this book, so had to take a photo, so this by no means shows how lovely the book is, but this is a sample of one of the poems.

This is a must for your primary child, it should be in every school, 5 stars!