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A Funny Poem a Day – Box, by Joshua Seigal

It has to be said that Lola is partial to a box. Not as partial as Milla our cat was, but she still quite likes them. However, unlike in Josh’s Box poem, Lola prefers her toys – particularly her unicorn. Thanks for this poem Josh! You can find this poem in Josh’s great new book, Welcome to My Crazy Life, Bloomsbury Education.




You can give her a ball

or a small fluffy toy,

you can hand her a plaything

for her to enjoy,

you can come home all laden

with ramps, posts and blocks,

but all that she’ll want

is a plain cardboard box.


You can go to the pet shop

and fritter your dosh

on fancy contraptions

that seem rather posh,

you can hope that your purchases

will entertain her,

but all that she’ll want

is the cardboard container.


You can have lots of love

and the best of intentions

and spend all your time

coming up with inventions,

but nothing that you do

will she deem acceptable,

all that she’ll crave

is the cardboard receptacle.


So listen in closely

and heed my advice,

no matter your gift

and no matter how nice,

the only thing certain

is this paradox,

all that she’ll want

is the damn cardboard BOX!


© Joshua Seigal

Here is Josh’s own pet, his beeeautiful cat, Bluebell!


Book Review: Welcome to my Crazy Life, Joshua Seigal

Welcome to my Crazy Life, Joshua Seigal, illustrated by Chris Piascik, Pub. Bloomsbury.

Full of jokes, great fun! Some nice poems about reading, writing and poetry in here, perfect for the classroom, to instigate discussion. Lots of familiar situations, not-so-familiar situations, and darned ridiculous situations, this book is bound to please. Recommended.