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Attie Lime – /New Addition to the Poets’ A-Z!

Attie Lime is a children’s poet whose favourite places to write are her writing shed and fields. Her three boys inspire her constantly, as well as her ankle-biting cat! She enjoys writing poems about nature and feelings, and loves sharing funny poems in schools to make children laugh. She has poetry published in various print and online publications, and her first poetry collection for children will be published by Beir Bua Press in 2023. Attie’s website is and she is on Twitter @AttieLime.

And here is one of Attie’s poems!

Look Who’s in the Toy Box

My mum and dad aren’t normal

I know saying it’s not good

I love them and they’re special

but I’d change them if I could.

The problem isn’t homework

or making me do chores

they cook nice food and buy me gifts

and neither of them snores.

The issue with my parents

which has got me in a fix

is that they’re made of Lego –

yes – they’re made of plastic bricks.

It might sound fun to others

but believe me when I say

Mum’s head rolling down the playground

is the worst part of my day.

My dad is strong and muscly

he can lift up Lego trees

but he never goes upstairs to bed

as he cannot bend his knees.

Mum has two expressions

she can smile and she can scowl

one on the front and one on the back

her head swivels like an owl.

My friends are understanding

my teacher’s been a star

but I’ve decided to exchange them

for a turbo racing car.

© Attie Lime