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Welcome to Poetry Roundabout!

Poetry Roundabout is the go-to place to find anything and everything about poetry for young people. Poems do not have to be written specifically for young people to be accessible to them; content is however always suitable. This is a place of fun poetry, interesting poetry, lyrical poetry, poems in all different forms and shapes and sizes!  Visit for interviews with the best children’s poets, poetry news, how to write poems, poems of course, and poetry book reviews… and more besides! For teachers, young people’s poets, and poets who are young people!

For the Month of April

I am posting a Z-A of the best children’s poets from the UK and US and some from around the world, too! This will eventually become an A-Z posted at the head of this website. There is more than one poet for each letter of the alphabet so if you are visiting from the A-Z Blog Challenge, keep on scrolling!


Read every entry, and see if you can find the FOUR FALSE POETS! Yes, four of the poets do not exist. They are anagrams of other poets in the list. The anagrammed poets have written a poem for their alter-egos. See if you can guess which poets are not real and send your entries to poetryfunfactory @ It may not be as easy as you think!