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Review: Where Do Wishes Go, by Debra Bertulis

Where Do Wishes Go, Debra Bertulis, Otter-Barry Books

Beautifully illustrated (as is usual with Otter-Barry Books) by Jess Mason, this is Debra Bertulis’ first book.

Where Do Wishes Go? is packed with poems on many of the themes that concern primary school children – such as the death of a grandparent, homework, moving house, and it also includes further experiences that will never be common to all – being a carer, having to move country and learn a new language.

Many of the poems in this book could be used as springboards by teachers and parents to discuss experiences in the lives of children in their care.

There is a lot of humour however – and an overall lightness to the collection that embodies the ‘feel’ of the title, and there are poems that are more whimsical, such as the poem from which the title is drawn.

Here are some examples:

Thinking Places and To Be a Tree, by Debra Bertulis, Where Do Wishes Go, Otter-Barry Books


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Review: Little Light, by Coral Rumble

Little Light by Coral Rumble, Troika Fiction

Little Light, Coral Rumble, Illustrated by Shih-Yu Lin, Troika Books.

Little Light is an extraordinary accomplishment – a verse novel with a story so engaging and immersing you often don’t notice it’s in verse, even though Coral frequently breaks the boundaries of the page to play with form.

Living in one room with her mum and two siblings after a marriage break up, on the cusp of leaving primary and entering secondary education, Ava is a child lost between worlds, her old school, her old self, her old life and that yet to come. Her discovery of a stray dog leads her into the future.

The light that Ava shines and finds is beautifully kindled by Coral’s luminous writing.

The book is sensitively illustrated by Shih-Yu Lin.

A sample:


Wagging is a strange word.

If you’re wagging school –

you’re in trouble,

if a finger is pointed at you –

you’re in trouble,

but when a dog’s tail is wagging –

you’ve got approval.

Coral Rumble

Very much recommended – every school should have a copy. Five Stars.